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the democratic national convention. good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm gym rosenfield. >> here in charlotte, north carolina, they gaveled this convention into session about an hour ago. there's a full slate of videos and speakers in the house tonight. this crowd is really pumped up and really loud. a number of local politicians also will take the podium tonight. maryland's governor martin o'malley, they're showing him some love. he's in prime time at about 10:00. former virginia governor and apparent senate candidate tim kaine also has a place and a role tonight. a rising star in th democratic party, san antonio's mayor julian castro will deliver the keynote address tonight. the star of the show is expected to be first lady michelle obama. president obama was out campaigning today. he was in norfolk, virginia, and he said he's going to go home tonight and he's going to watch michelle obama's speech with his daughters. he said he might tear up a little bit because that's what he always does when he sees her
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speak. earlier today tim kaine was out and about doing a little politicking in favor and in honor and in pursuit of his senate seat that he'd like to get from george allen. tom sherwood is here now with more on that story. tom? >> jim, everybody knows tim kaine is in a tough race. he knows it. he's trying to rally the troops. >> former governor and future united states senator, tim kaine! >> reporter: former virginia governor tim kaine welcomed by the party faithful in charlotte tuesday telling a boisterous crowd he and his republican senate opponent george allen had been tied in the polls for yearly a year. closer than the presidential race. >> isn't it great to be a battleground state? virginia really matters, folks. we really matter. we're going to see a lot of focus and a lot of spotlight. that's exciting. but it also means we've got to do our best work. >> reporter: allen, also a former governor who lost his senate seat six years ago,
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campaigned in fairfax county tuesday. allen skipped the republican convention in tampa to focus on his virginia race. and kaine is spending only this one day in charlotte. he addresses the convention tonight. what's your message tonight? >> i'm going to talk heavily about results. i really do think -- look, i'm a -- i'm a virginia centered guy. i really think the virginia model of focus on the results, let the other guys be the ideology and wedge issue party. >> reporter: you're going to stay within your time? >> i'm sure my staff will make sure i stay within my time, yes. >> reporter: what does he think might turn the senate campaign with just two months to go? i think debates will be important, certainly the presidential race will be important. but, you know, we have a moderate number of undecideds. >> reporter: northern virginia congressman jerry connolly agrees. >> democrats and republicans are almost evenly divided in virginia. we're fighting over a very small slice of the undecided as governor kaine indicated.
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>> reporter: those allen/kaine debates this fall ought to be pretty good. tim kaine should be taking the podium here a short time later for his speech here. then back to virginia to keep campaigning. >> seems like the virginia delegation, the seats are quite full down there. earlier today they were singing and chanting and just having themselves a good time. like they're really happy to be here. >> when you get in here early, you've got to find something to do. >> they found it. they did it well. we're going to come back a little bit later in this broadcast. we'll have a report on some of the obstacles facing the efforts to get the black vote energized down here in this part of north carolina. back to you guys. >> sounds like they've got something to do now. it's noisy there. >> yeah. they're rolling. >> see you in a little bit. thank you, jim and tom. they talk about the bounce after a convention? well, the gop convention doesn't appear to have given mitt romney a boost. the new gallup show shows his support is virtually unchanged. romney's take a break from the campaign trail today. his running mate paul ryan's in
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the first leg of a week long fundraising trip speaking to supporters near cleveland today. ryan attacked president obama's health care program and the economy. >> the biggest threat to medicare is obama care. and one of the biggest threats to job creation is obama care. so for the sake of medicare and for the sake of jobs, we are going to repeal and replace obama care! >> romney's campaign raised more than $100 million in august. it was the third consecutive month the republican candidate reached the mark. for some of us, it's going to be a rainy night ahead. storm team 4 meetologist doug kammerer joins us now with the very latest. >> you can see out there right now we're looking at temperatures around 84 degrees. that heat index, though, around 90. very warm and very humid conditions. that's exactly what we're going to be seeing through the rest of the night. look at the winds. out of the south at about 15 mimes per hour right now. here's the current radar. notice not a whole lot going on. we just have a few isolated showers around. most of these are not on the heavy side. so that is some good news.
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i think for the evening, the rest of the evening we're looking good. for the nats game no problems there. maybe a quick shower. that's about it. as we widen out notice this rain down here towards the roanoke area. this st a little wave here that's going to ride up i-81 and towards our area throughout the rest of the evening hours and into the overnight. could be talking about heavy rain overnight. a better chance for heavy rain during the day tomorrow. we'll talk about that, how much rain we may see and then what comes next. because first it's the rain. then something else entirely. we'll talk about it in just a minute. >> uh-oh. okay, doug. residents of several dc neighborhoods are still cleaning up from sunday night's heavy rainstorm. a lot of water enlded up in their basements. it's an ongoing problem. the city is looking at solutions. jackie bensen is joining us live from rhode island and first street northwest in the hard-hit bloomingdale neighborhood. jackie? >> reporter: jim, people here are frustrated.
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the problem? there's no place for the water to go. 300 gallons of water is gushing out of this plastic container. but there's not even a puddle in this bladensburg alley. pave drain is a road service that allows water to drain back into the ground rather than pushing it into overloaded storm drains. >> this surface allows water to go into its base and back to mother nature. >> reporter: to avoid the type of urban flash flooding that occurred sunday night, some knew nis palties require so-called permeable paving to be used in alleys and parking lots of new construction. the district does not. but a panel of engineers examining all possible remedies for the bloomingdale flooding situation will give it consideration. >> what this will do is stop the water, the sewage and water coming in from the main sewer line. >> reporter: master plumber jeffrey levin demonstrates the device that could have prevented messes like this one sunday night. >> water was -- was pouring out of both the toilets.
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>> reporter: residents of several neighborhoods in lower northwest watched in horror as their bathroom fixtures spewed geysers of dirty water. the pressure from thousands of gallons of storm water runoff forced it up through shower and toilet drains. dc water is urging affected residents to install a backflow preventer. >> allow the water to go through as it opens. and will prevent the water from coming back because the flap will stay closed. >> reporter: the utility will rebate most of the installation cost up to $3,000. an informational meeting will be held for the public on thursday night at 7:00 at dc water's bryant street pumping station, 301 bryant street northwest. one concern likely to be disc s discussed is that many older residents cannot afford that initial outlay which could be thousands of dollars, even though they're going to get a rebate from the city. reporting live in the bloomingdale neighborhood, jackie bensen, news 4. >> our preliminary estimate is
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out tonight about just how much damage hurricane isaac really caused. louisiana officials say the storm damaged at least 13,000 homes across that state. isaac came ashore last tuesday as a category 1 storm. it was slow moving. it dumped more than two feet of rain on some parts of the gulf coast. some residents are still without power and some neighborhoods are still flooded with several feet of water. a maryland man accused in a weekend stabbing is being held on half a million dollars bail tonight. the 20-year-old defendant tells police he thought he had hired a female prostitute. and was embarrassed when he discovered his mistake. chris gordon is in our newsroom with details. >> the attacker returned to the scene of the crime to say he's sorry. the 41-year-old victim was hospitalized with serious stab wounds. the montgomery county police department says this story should come as a warning to us all. >> whoever you are, if you're going to have relations with a stranger, you're putting yourself at risk.
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that is risky behavior. >> it started here at the cocoa cabana grill. police say the victim was dressed as a woman standing outside. the defendant, 20-year-old christian ariel romero allegedly offered money for sex. police say romero drove to the victim's neighborhood in silver spring. when romero discovered his companion was a man posing as a woman, he allegedly stabbed the victim repeatedly. >> the suspect did return to the scene where it occurred. and was remorseful. and admitted his involvement to the police. >> reporter: the defense lawyer representing christian romero says he has no criminal record prior to this incident. a dozen family members came to court in support of christian romero. the judge set bail at $500,000. romero's lawyer calls the high bail harsh. >> i'm shocked. the defendant is a person who's 20 years old, never done anything wrong in his entire life. and the person who's on the
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other side is what it appears to be is a prostitute. 40 years of age with a track record, a history. and basically he thought that he was having -- not expecting what he got. >> reporter: montgomery county states attorney john mccarthy says the bail was set high because of the serious charges against romero. attempted first degree murder. attempted second degree murder. assault in the first and second degree. reckless endangment and theft of the victim's cell phone. mccarthy says the victim's action, posing as a woman, doesn't change that. >> the allegation is a violent attack with a knife. and so misrepresentation of any type does not justify that level of violence. >> christian romero's family cannot afford the half million dollars that it would take to get him released from jail. so he will remain in custody. from the newsroom, chris gordon, news 4. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, after weeks of anticipation and
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con tro ver i, the book detailing the navy s.e.a.l.'s account of the mission that killed osama bin laden is finally out. back to school today for thousands of kids. how one of the largest school systems 8ves2@
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the scene of apu sets major announcement. federal investigators are on the scene of an enormous hotel fire in oregon. hundreds of firefighter worked for hours to put out the flames. damage to the five buildings is estimated at more than $5 million. the hotel had been vacant for several years and was used to store furniture and mattresses. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms was called in
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because of the size of the fire. to the growing crisis in syria. the united nations says it's a staggering number. more than 100,000 syrians were forced to flee their war torn country in august. that's the highest monthly figure since the conflict began there early last year. many are staying at refugee camps in neighboring countries. some 5,000 syrians were killed last month. the highest monthly death toll so far. syria's embattled president bashar assad met with the new head of the international red cross today. they're talking about ways to deal with the growing humanitarian crisis there. meantime, a suicide bomber set off an explosion at a funeral in jalal bad, afghanistan. 25 people were killed. 35 others were wounded. the target appeared to have been a local government official who survived the attack. but his son was killed when he grabbed the bomber and tried to stop him. controversial book giving a firsthand account of the mission to kill osama bin laden hit
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bookstores today. member of the navy s.e.a.l. team 6 writing under a pseudonym detailed the raid on the compound. the pentagon says the former s.e.a.l. revealed secrets that could put other service members at risk. danielle lee shows us how "no easy day" is being received. >> reporter: after just hours on the shelves washington, d.c. bookstore employees were already restocking the tell-all about the operation that killed osama bin laden. greg oeber works at cramer books. it's not surprised by the instant success of "no easy day." the book is written by a former navy s.e.a.l. who claims to be one of the first through the door during the attack on bin laden. >> you know, the classified information that only a few people have. that's what people really get excited about. >> reporter: the pentagon says the author is revealing secret information and should have allowed the department of defense to prescreen the book before its release. >> it is the height of
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irresponsibility not to have this kind of material checked for the possible disclosure of classified information. >> reporter: military experts feel the memoir could put other servicemen in danger. >> they operate all over the world. they don't want their faces or names known. they don't want their techniques understood. >> reporter: while the pentagon considers legal action, those sinceti sensitive detames are making their way swoo sboo the hands of curious readers like stacy lloyd. >> from a human standpoint. >> reporter: a story that could ensure this author won't see any easy days any time soon. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >> the author says he hasn't violated any vows of secrecy or revealed information that puts his colleagues at risk. doug's here with more about our weather forecast. some of us are going to get some rain, some more rain? >> i think so during the night tonight. i think a better chance during the day tomorrow. we really have not seen a whole lot during the day today. i thought we'd see a pretty good amount of rain today. most of it stayed just to our
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north. we had plenty of cloud cover. we had all the moisture that was there. we just didn't have that trigger to really kick things off. tomorrow, i think that trigger moves into the area as a cold front will sweep on in. high temperature today got up to 89 degrees across the area. with the humidity, heat index felt like 95, 96 degrees earlier today. very harm and humid afternoon. and the rain and the heat, they will both return, i think. the rain first overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. the heat over the next couple of days. take a look at the numbers right now. 84 right now with a dewpoint of 73. that humidity way up there near 70%. winds now out of the south at 15 miles per hour. winds have been a little breezy today at the airport out of the south at 15 to 20 miles per hour. 83 in martensburg. 88 in frederick. 83 in baltimore. 82 towards la plata. a very warm atmosphere. take a look at the heat intex.
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even at this hour even though we're not dealing with a whole lot of sunshine, 90 in dc. 96 toward frederick, soupy atmo. a tu stofew storms trying to ma their way toward the metro area down to the south and west. those should die out over the next couple of hours. what may not die out, though, are these showers down here toward the south. some very heavy rain down around roanoke right now. this is a boundary that looks like it's going to stay together and move right up the eastern portions of the blue ridge. we could see some fairly heavy rain overnight tonight. if you're thinking about going to the nationals game tonight, i think you're fine. will there be a brief shower? it's possible. but i think they're going to get the game in without any real problems. tomorrow we'll be watching out for the this back here. notice this line of showers and thunderstorms. this is actually a frontal boundary. this frontal boundary will help to sweep on through the area. that's what's going to help to give us that trigger during the day tomorrow to send those storms high up into the
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atmosphere and give us that potential for some rain. again, the potential is there for some rather heavy rain, maybe flooding rains. i don't think they'll be sticking over the same areas. they'll have a little movement to them. that's good news. by thursday the frontal boundary moves down to the south. so will rain chances. best chances of rain southern maryland maybe around fredericksburg and down towards the richmond area, maybe over towards norfolk. that's really about it. rather warm conditions in here during the day on thursday. and then into the day friday, too, as temperatures get back into the low 90s. this evening, mostly cloudy. isolated showers. rather warm and humid. temperatures 81 to about 85 degrees. winds out of the south at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morn wk partly cloudy, few showers, warm and muggy when you wake up. 70 to 74 degrees. if we see any showers, once again, they could be fairly heavy. you want to make sure you have that big umbrella potentially if we do see some of those. as we make our way through the day tomorrow i think a better chance of some heavier rain trying to move into the region. we'll see a high temperature
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between 84 and 89 degrees. another very warm and humid day. best chance of rain tomorrow, between, say, 10:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. it could affect your lunch hour if you're thinking about maybe taking a lunch outdoors. you may want to think again. 92 on your thursday. 93 on friday. rather hot. heat index above 95. 88 on saturday with a chance of storms there. better chance of rain i think on sunday as a pretty strong front moves in. that front will really help to lower temperatures. 82 on sunday. 78 on monday. 79 on tuesday. so some fall-like weather coming in. that trough that's going to bring in that cooler weather also moving leslie well out to sea. if it wasn't for that trough, leslie may come our way. >> stay where you are, leslie. coming up, we'll head back down live to charlotte, north carolina. jim vance joins us live from the
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democratic convention with a look at how the economy could impact black voter participation. i'm julie carey in fairfax county where a boost in student enrollment means some new schools and some new portable classrooms. i'll tell you how they're adjusting, coming up. coming up in sports, the terps basketball team gives a boost to the program. the hokies play a
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what he has to say about a new milestone. news 4 at 6:00 continues. well, the summer is really over. school is officially back in session for thousands of young people in our region. today marked the first day of classes all across northern virginia.
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in fairfax county the new year requires solutions for a population boom. julie carrie visited a school where one-third of the students are now outside the building. >> reporter: for some students in the lorton area the school year comes complete with a new building. south county middle school. >> the jgym is really nice. classrooms are nice. teachers are nice. everything. >> good morning. >> reporter: it was superintendent jack dale's last first day of school in fairfax county. he'll retire next year. figuring out how to deal with growth and the overcrowding it's caused in some schools will be a continued challenge. more than 181,000 students are expected this fall. and the district has added 15,000 kids in just the last five years. south county middle is one of two new buildings along with mason crest elementary. but with 2,000 to 3,000 new students expected each year, dale says more classroom space will be needed. trouble is, in some spots,
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there's not enough land. >> our bigger issue around where we will build new is going to be probably out in the west. we probably need a new high school but have no land. that will be a challenge. >> reporter: that means more and more portable classrooms are popping up. 100 more across the district this fall. at glen forest el grentry in the baileys cross roads area, every second and third grader is in a classroom outside the original building walls. glen forest has had a couple modular units which contain multiple classrooms for years. with the influx of students this year, they've had to add four portables providing six more classrooms. >> we have a lot of growth in our primary grades. every year it seems to get larger. so we have -- this year we're going to have ten classes of kindergarten and ten classes of first grade. we added one additional class in every grade level all the way through fifth grade. >> reporter: many of the units are duplexes are same grade instructors team teach. >> we are running out of space. but we'll make it work. we have a fabulous staff that just comes together and we just -- we just take it in
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stride. right now dc water officials are urging residents in flood prone neighborhoods to install a backflow preventer. that keeps water from main sewer lines from gushing into your house. the utility says it will rebate most of the installation costs up to $3,000. several dc homes flooded sunday night when storms rolled through. the bail is set at $500,000 tonight for a maryland man accused of stabbing someone he met at a prince george's county nightclub. police say 20-year-old christian ariel romero attacked the man saturday night after discovering he was not a woman. romero is charged with attempted murder. the 41-year-old victim remains in stable condition at a local hospital. copies of a book detailing the raid that killed osama bin laden are going fast. the book was just released today. it's written by a former navy s.e.a.l. who say he was on that mission. the pentagon claims the book reveems secrets that could put other service members at risk. the author who's writing under a pseudonym says he's not revealing military secrets. the democratic national convention is under way at this
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moment. the state of the economy is sure to be one of the top issues the party addresses this week. >> the economy may also be among the reasons democrats can't take black voters for granted this year. jim vance live in charlotte with more on that tonight. jim? >> hi, jim and doreen. there were three critical elements to the president's victory in '08. the youth vote, the women vote and the black vote. he'll need all three again this time to stay in office. but there are challenges to all three. the black vote included. four years ago president obama won north carolina handily. it's going to be a tougher battle this time around, though. in '08 the black turnout in north carolina was significant. >> they were close to -- to 60%. but you had some actually even
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in meklynnburg county here, here in charlotte, you had some precincts that were african-american that still showed at 42%, 49%. >> reporter: dr. patrick graham is president of the local urban league. he adds black voter participation especially now has suffered. because a lot of people are on really hard times. >> when you talk about issues of economics and poverty, unemployment, your priority shifts to those things that are much more important on a daily basis. so to look at voting, something that is still futuristic, something that is -- is -- has payoffs down the line, it doesn't become as much of a priority. we have to really energize them around that. >> reporter: because of that, the urban league and others are trying to educate and motivate. >> i would launch an aggressive occupy the vote campaign over the next two months. and what that does is, it allows us to take our partner agencies, about 15 of us, to do what we call an adopt a zone strategy
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where we adopt precincts and actually attack them that way. >> reporter: dr. graham adds that despite the current economic pinch, which for some people is more like a paralyzing cramp, he says black voters as a whole are the most optimistic in the country. doreen and jim, we'll have more from the convention coming up tonight at 11:00. >> michelle obama is the big attraction this evening, right? >> reporter: yeah, she is. as a matter of fact, she tdid a little walk-through yesterday up on the stage. there were, i guess, i don't know, 3,000, 4,000 people in here. they erupted as though, i don't know, maybe lady gaga was on stage. she's -- mrs. obama is a rock star down here. >> but she's a much more tasteful dresser. >> i was going to say. better dresser than lady gaga. >> i couldn't agree more. >> see you at 11:00. our coverage of the dnc continues here on nbc 4. brian williams anchors "nbc nightly news" from the
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convention in charlotte. that's coming up right after this broadcast. right now polls are open for thousands of northern virginia voters for a special election. it's for virginia's 45th district which includes parts of alexandria, fairfax county and arlington county. three men are running to replace david england who stepped down from his house seat after disclosing that he'd had an extramarital affair. the polls in northern virginia will stay open until 7:00 tonight. major new development is being proposed for a small shopping center near the beltway in connecticut avenue. builders want to turn the chevy chase lake complex into an urban town center with apartment buildings, retail and open space. but area residents are really worried they'll be stalled in traffic. they're 7ajébacçhr0 brakes on the plan. >> reporter: it's a developing topic. literally. and a few chevy chase residents are saying, not in my backyard. >> any redevelopment here that's happening is just going to make things that much worse, that much more congested and make people more irritated. >> i think it's actually going
6:33 pm
to be a detriment to the community. we already have so much traffic as it is. it's just going to kpexacerbatet and make it worse. >> reporter: the chevy chase land sector spans along connecticut avenue between jones bridge road and east west highway. to. én a allow for the zoning of about 1.5 million square feet of commercial development including 1,000 new residential units. a plan that the chevy chase mayor says she's looking forward to. >> the community sees that this is an opportunity for new development. as you can see, you know, there is opportunity here. i think that we can make this a great gateway to the community. >> reporter: the chevy chase land company, which is a majority owner of land in the sector, says the plan is to develop with a specific cause in mind. >> we're really providing new community gathering spaces, a new park, new amenities, better dining and shopping options for them. maybe even within walking distance of their house if they live close to chevy chase lake. and so i think that's something that everybody agrees that they want. >> reporter: one of the key elements of the proposed
6:34 pm
redevelopment is the addition of the finall newl car the and have it run through silver spring, tacoma park, college park, river dale and finally new carrollton. the proposal still has a long pipeline to get through. so you won't see bulldozers and backhoes breaking ground any time next week. >> we're hoping there'll be a public hearing in october. with the planning board sending the plan up to the county council early next year. >> reporter: in chevy chase, news 4. nathan portnoi of falls church was hailed as a hero after trying to save a victim from the storm. tonight the 22-year-old is facing charges that he sexually solicited and assaulted a 12-year-old girl. today family, friends and neighbors came to court to support him. his lawyer says he never had any physical contact with the minor and that she summoned him to meet her in bethesda after they had exchanged messages for three
6:35 pm
months on a social media site. >> there is not one element of kidnapping. it is, if anything, the opposite of kidnapping. >> his bail was lowered today from $1 million to $300,000. he'll be released from custody if his family can post a bond for 10% of that amount. a construction project that will shut down a busy road in downtown bethesda for nearly two years is being pushed back to friday night. it was supposed to get under way today. the close sure is on woodmont avenue between bethesda avenue and miller avenue. and miller avenue. it's necessary for thei and an underground parking longe the biggest surface parking lots in the area. montgomery county is increasing circulator bus service and converting about 100 long-term parking spaces. robbery is caught on tape. we're also learning when apple will make that highly
6:36 pm
anticipated announcement about what could be the iphone 5. doug, what about our doug, what about our weather?
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven.
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and help build a better future for maryland. in my forecast in just a frightening moment for a convenience store clerk. it happened in the blink of an eye and was all caught on camera. the clerk sayshead.e! walked in. he says before he could even react it was pointed inches from his head. >> probably about maybe five inches from my head. he tells me to open the till and give him the money. it's the most scariest thing i've ever been through. >> the clerk was not hurt. numbers. but a federal law enforcement
6:40 pm
agent says it's likely a hoax. a group anti-sec says it hacked 12 million apple devices ids from fbi computers. download a federal law enforcement official tells nbc news there's no evidence the fbi requested that data from apple in the first place. they say a list posted by the group of allegedly hack numbers may be a ploy to steal data from those who read it. the hacking allegation comes just a week before apple plans to make a big announcement. apple sent out this cryptic invitation to the media. september 12th. along with the text right there, it's almost here. but the shadow cast by the numbers form a "5." underneath there. that's leaving many to speculate apple very2 subtl the > iphone. industry more. guys.!a? i 4s. >> very subtle there. let's take a look at what
6:41 pm
we're working on next in sports. carol maloney is out at the ballpark with more. >> reporter: hey, guys. i just felt a rain drop. we could be in trouble. coming up in sports here at nats park, if they get it in, you're heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message. -[;5
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hello and welcome, everybody. meteorologist doug kammerer right here. taking a look right now toward nats park. lñoint to south@1c, d milesgt0z401á3r" colle to have to pull the tarp out. humidity at 69%. throughout most of the evening. ,yñ0xkk 80lq to see tonight is thumdty. definitely staying up there. look at the shower and thunderstorm activity. almost nothing right now across our region. we have a couple showers down to
6:45 pm
the a2$ w little farther to the south. those really are not moving towards the north and east. he they do they really just break apart right now. again, not a whole lot going on. n down to our south and west. i'm watching this area right here to see if it's going to make its way all the way up. if it does we'll see pretty good rain throughout the night tonight. up towards philadelphia they are getting hammered. they've had two tornado warnings today, flooding up there. that area under a flash flood new york city frontalim"aed.wh01940ó's willw it's been -- we've been on the dry side. tomorrow could be a different story. this frontal boundary will intersect all of this tropical moisture. % downpours. dry:ñryçv overnightz side foraa)vhud. rushr+í 70 towards frederick. we'll yy think warmwkpn hum n side
6:46 pm
80s tomorrow. umbrella 4ydádi ó0kxts pup in a minute. theytái w"ej in a"books over. baseball fans in this area, they know how special win number 82 is. it's not just another with the with the w" in the books. it's
6:47 pm
p=u70eh tylerk thebú[v &'s e pretty cool thing. for future success, they're really going to rely on tyler clipper and drew storen. the two have swapped roles. storen the eighth inning guy after returning s. clipper dominant in the seventh andzxç2cfv =siaq onj the think role. 30 saves after yesterday's win justs(.ésrit, kind of contribute to a lot of the wins that we've had this year. that's the most fun part for me. >> if i'm not doing it, getting thrown into the spot the way he was with an h to step up
6:48 pm
and run with getting back, im looking up kind of eighth and ninth inning guys past couple years. he's been a big part of this team as far as kind of being a closer in the eighth inning. obviously nothing compares to getting as they c this sport. those two have, both of those guys are as good as they come for the eighth and ninth inning. >> reporter: we are officially going to start on sunday in new orleans versus the saints. it's been five years since a playoff appearance. line backer chris wilson was on that x2e;gy/mmj
6:49 pm
after and ready to impart some of that on the young guys. >> it's just now i'm one of the few guys that now i'm one of the few guys that was aqe;l0ypzkc1y0 eve more 1 0 upkzi thej it. get @ú:!6óí l8dq07eg >ír$07ybo- zl virginia virginia ard% geor virginiabkñge theów>> 07vñqwwv.v0nn h6jackets.a07ñj?
6:50 pm
17-14. hokies would drive down field. with six seconds to go, they nail a 41-yard attack to tie the game.0ew@$8re]>07a% fuller.b teb umit. all tech needs is a field goal to win it. an 18-yarder to win it. he hits it. related seaso #cfn auate bi frienl out toi cúcf=12-ended coac , 0ú
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
alex ovechkin, though, and nicolas back strom showed up ovi ovi gg( throughohyf07u a b rúbyqñ)cff+ miss iñj technica% fpthe to beu,g a of happenuó a+k. we're going to handle it and u expected to start. we hope it does on september 21st. guys, i think doug kind of knows
6:53 pm
what he's talking g cf1 o pthere. whatever just
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
paleontologists in france revealed a big secret. six tons and 75 million years in the making. a big one. they're in the final stages of retrieving the fossils of a huge dinosaur. it was discovered ten years ago. it's been kept secret until now. scientists say they've already retrieved 70% of it. they're confident they can safely salvage the entire thing. it was a plant eating dinosaur that was hunted by all those carnivorous dinosaurs millions and millions of years ago. a long time ago. >> how do you keep something that size a secret. >> a very big tarp. they couldn't even see it from space. i have no idea. let's take a look out there and
6:57 pm
show you what's happening the next couple days. 88 on wednesday. i think we'll see a pretty good chance of rain especially during the early afternoon tomorrow. 92 on thursday. hot and humid. best chance of rain thursday will be to the south. 93 on friday. saturday looking pretty good, i think. saturday should be okay. going for a 30% chance of showers. best chance around the i-81 corridor and to the west. then some much cooler weather after what could be some more pretty heavy rain on sunday. we do get a lot cooler monday and tuesday. >> start to feel like fall, finally. >> it's coming. if you've got any old home movies lying around now might want to look through them for video that could make you a youtube star. a video from 1999 has gone viral today. here comes the cat. look what's coming in right behind him! somebody's pet cat comes through the door. then there's a baby fawn. we hear that it took the owners 25 minutes to get the little deer out of the house. and back into the wild. >> it didn't belong there?
6:58 pm
>> that's a
6:59 pm

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